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What is CHD?

Congenital Heart Disease is when the heart does not develop properly before birth. It is the number one birth defect and most common cause of infant mortality.


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Fighting CHD does Matter – A Call to Action!

Recently, an awesome post entitled “Why Fighting Congenital Heart Disease Matters” was published by Lexi Behrndt on her blog, Scribbles & Crumbs. You can read her full post here. Lexi perfectly captures the fear of a diagnosis like CHD, the trials of treatments and recovery, and the pain of parents who lose their sweet children to this disease. She could have stopped there and had us all convinced that fighting CHD matters, but she goes on to say that this world of heart defects is also “a world full of miracles.”


“He didn’t look like he had a defect``

At Conner’s two week check-up and his pediatrician noticed he had a functioning heart murmur with irregular breathing. She assured me that it was common and that it normally wasn’t anything to worry about. My husband’s cousin was born with a heart defect and needed a pacemaker, so Conner having a slight murmur put my mother in law on edge and she insisted on going to his six week check up with me. At his six week check up his pediatrician started listening to him, but was taking a little bit longer than usual...