Erica Thayer   |   June 10, 2019

The Embraer Foundation Donation


The Embraer Foundation donated $5,000 for CHD research!

Embraer is a world-wide company based in Brazil focused on aviation, security and defense. Embraer’s US headquarters is located right here in Nashville, Tennessee. They started the Embraer Foundation to enrich their employees’ communities. With the four mainstays of the foundation being volunteering, partnerships, entrepreneurship and education, Project Heart fits rights in.

Vice President of Operations at Embraer, Jason Grafton, was a star connection for Embraer and Project Heart. His Daughter, Nadia, has CHD. Grafton helped pave the way for a donation to benefit CHD research in hopes for Nadia to live the longest, healthiest life possible. Thank you to the Embraer Foundation for the impact they are making in the CHD community – we appreciate you!

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