Fund a grant in honor of someone you love

Want to help fund a CHD research grant in honor/memory of someone you know with CHD?

We’d love to help.

Project Heart specializes in “seed grants.” These seed grants are smaller scale grants ($25k-50k) that help researchers get started on projects that are otherwise stalled out due to lack of funding. Seed grants help fund preliminary data collection so that more CHD research projects will be eligible for government NIH funding (the big leagues – $250k grants, sometimes for several years in a row).

You can have one of these special grants given in honor of your loved one with CHD by joining us in our fundraising. Project Heart will match all donations raised in honor of your loved one up to $10,000. This money will go into a special grant fund. If your fund reaches $25k or more we will issue the grant in your loved one’s name and you can help us choose which project to fund! Don’t worry, you don’t have to raise $25k to participate. We can also pair your fund with another family’s (or multiple), if needed, to make a full seed grant and the grant will be given in both names.

Let’s get started!

Contact our Donor Relations Coordinator, Catherine Clinkscales at for more information and help starting your own grant fund.