Sydney McFall   |   November 25, 2019

Healthy Thanksgiving Alternatives


Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s almost Thanksgiving and we all know what means. Time to break out the stretchy pants! We eat until we’re as stuffed as the turkey and spend the rest of the day tried and full. But, when you or someone in your family has a heart condition you may be looking to be a bit more health conscious, even on Thanksgiving. You can still enjoy all Thanksgiving has to offer but with a few alterations. Below are some suggestions on healthier versions of some of the classics. 

Appetizers:                                       Turkey+:                                               Sides:                                                 Desserts:

Butternut squash soup                 Herb-roasted turkey breast                     Green bean casserole                       Bloomin apple

Deviled eggs                                   Honey-bourbon turkey                             Vegan green bean casserole           Gluten free pumpkin bars 

Whole grain yeast rolls                  Tuscan turkey                                             Vegan mashed potatoes                  Low cal pumpkin pie

Pumpkin bread                               Cranberry sauce                                         Slow cooker mashed potatoes         Apple crisp 

    Vegan stuffing                                             Vegan gravy                                       Pumpkin cookies

  Gluten free stuffing                                       Vegan scalloped potatoes               Pumpkin-praline pie 

   Roasted veggies 

  Sweet potato casserole 

We hope these leave you feeling more full of energy than just full. Let us know if you try any of these out! Happy cooking and happy Thanksgiving!

*These are simply suggestions and are not provided by a registered dietitian 



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