Erica Thayer   |   February 21, 2020

National CHD Awareness Campaign


National CHD Awareness

February is Heart Month. To honor that, Project Heart is spreading Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) awareness throughout the U.S. One representative from each of the 50 states was chosen to help us spread CHD awareness. They were each sent a stencil that reads — “some hearts don’t last” and “” The stencil also features a heart that is meant to be painted over cracks in sidewalks, breaks in buildings, etc. This is to communicate abnormalities in the heart and symbolically represent CHD. This will take curious onlookers to a landing page with CHD facts and information about Project Heart. Below are some state examples! 

Showing Scars

“CHD Awareness Week is so important to us because CHD is an invisible disease. It’s the most common birth defect, yet most people who aren’t affected by it know nothing about it. People can’t fund the need and bring about a change if they don’t know the problem exists! So this month we are asking kids to show us their scars. We are asking heart parents and CHD survivors to share their stories. We are uncovering the disease that affects about 2.5 million people right now in the U.S. and asking people to band together to help fund a cure,” said Project Heart co-founder, Erica Thayer.

Today, Tomorrow

Project Heart is a not-for-profit medical research and development organization, whose sole mission is to fund the research needed to grow CHD patients healthy new hearts, so they can live the full, healthy lives they deserve. There is currently no cure for congenital heart disease and not much is known about what exactly causes CHD. Help us at Project Heart change that. Donate today for progress towards a cure tomorrow.

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